From: Claire Taylor <>
Sent: 29 November 2018 11:14
To: Rosie Niazi <>; John Westwell <>
Subject: RE: Question about NCETM usernames and MHPOD

Thanks Rosie,

The line has always been that where hubs have them and can provide them we would like them as this enables us to set up other systems more easily (cross checking with evaluation tool on website for example) but it is not a required field in terms of making the system work, so if they do not have them it will not prevent them from getting on and creating people.

Hope this makes sense?

Many thanks


From: Rosie Niazi <>
Sent: 28 November 2018 18:07
To: Claire Taylor <>; John Westwell <>
Subject: Question about NCETM usernames and MHPOD
Importance: High

Hi Both,

Sorry to bother you but I need some advice regarding a query that we have had in Freshdesk.

They are asking about NCETM usernames and whether or not they need to make sure that these are populated within MHPOD.

We did initially go back and say that we do need them but that it was not vital at this stage for adding a person to the system.

However hubs spent so much time towards the end of last year that they are questioning should they not be providing this as well in MHPOD.

Can you please provide some guidance as more than one hub has raised this question and we do not want to give out incorrect information.

Many thanks and again sorry for bothering you with this but I feel do we need a bit of a stir from you.

Many thanks