Searching for a Person record in MHPOD

If you are having difficulty finding a person in MHPOD, they may not be missing but may require a more thorough search.

Not all the data submitted and uploaded was of a comprehensive nature so a number of records only have an Initial in place of a Forename. (For example: D instead of David)

Another check may be on email address as some people have various emails and the system can only hold ONE and this will be the one we were provided to upload.

When searching, it is suggested you first search for:

  1. Email address (removing any spaces after the last character)

  2. Surname

  3. First Name and Surname

The search will look for parts of a criteria too so you can search for all people at an organisation by searching something like to find a user that way.

If the Person is genuinely missing, you can then add them as a new record. (Administration > People > Add)

Ensure you add their:

  • Forename in full

  • Surname

  • Email address

  • NCETM Username (if known)